Gas Station Canopy Lighting

Project Name: Gas Station Canopy Lighting – RT I-84, Exit 16 Mobil Station
[download the GreenPaper]

Application: Canopy Lighting

Products Installed: 20 pieces of 93W LED Canopy Lights in place of 6 pieces of 400W Metal Halide and 14 pieces 320W Metal Halide. Also 8 poles of 400W area lights were replaced with 8 pieces of 93W LED lighting.

Total Savings: $9,697 per year with a 2 year payback

Light Level: Ft-Candles on the ground increased 75% from 16FC to 28FC while benefiting from the 100% cut off dark sky compliant LED fixtures.

The USA LED Canopy lights are fantastic. They are providing  substantially more light over our pumps while reducing power consumption by 78%. We also notice much less glare. Our customers will enjoy these improvements while we focus on our business. Our new lights do not require service for 13 years

Rocco Arbitell, Business Owner